Laiacona Photography & Design | About

I am a freelance designer and photographer who enjoys trying something new whenever possible. I started working in the graphic design field about 15 years ago and it afforded me all sorts of different skill sets. From web design and coding to logo design concepts, I love the wide variety of work that can come to a designer. You never know what the next job will entail so you have to be able to accept any challenge put before you.

I also spent a few years working in the video industry. My design background got me the job even though I had never done anything with video before. I learned a lot about video but I also still got to use my design skills in various ways.

Now I spend my time focusing on photography. I enjoy the many different styles of photography. I've been fortunate enough to experience many fields and have not been limited to one. From race cars to restaurants and modeling to weddings, I love being behind the camera. Photography has become a worthwhile passion for me these last few years. As a child, I can remember all the time my father put into his photography and now I understand why... there are just so many ways to enjoy it!